Q.   What's next?

A.    The future of this project lies in the work to restore the area surrounding the river.  While it will take some time for mother nature to heal herself and define her course, we will be watching and working to help her along the way. 

Q.   Can I paddle through the dam site?

A.    Paddling is not recommended at this time.  Although the dam has been removed there is some rebar remaining at the site of the dam making conditions potentially hazardous to paddlers.  MMSD will be removing the rebar soon and we will update this answer at that time.

Q.   How will we commemorate this generational milestone?

A.    Although most of the waste materials were disposed of following the dam removal, we were able to secure some of the remnants of the original structure.  Future plans include the development of an interpretive sign and commemorative art installation incorporating these materials.